Project 1 Flier

Ashley-Olsen-InDesign-FlierDescription: Black and white flier made specifically for college seniors who are looking for competitive opportunities in leadership and in the work force.

Process: I started with sketching four ideas down. I then used InDesign to bring my sketches to life but using a little bit of each sketch into my final design. I mostly used rectangular boxes and text boxes to make the design while I imported the image and the logo after saving them on my computer. I used the skills that I developed in my yearbook class in high school to bring objects in front of other objects while I moved texts and objects closer together. I used repeating lines to bring in the repetition and made them black and white for contrast.

Message: The message is to let graduating college seniors learn how to be better leaders in their work place and in the real world. It allows them to develop new skills and allow them to become better leaders

Audience: My audience is graduating (or recent graduates) college seniors who are looking for better leadership experiences.

Top Thing Learned: The top thing I learned was the importance of contrast.

Title Font Name & Category: Crobel – Sans Serif, Constantia – Oldstyl

Copy Font Name & Category: Constantia – Oldstyle

Links to images used in this project:





6 thoughts on “Project 1 Flier

  1. kelleyperkinson

    I love this Ashley! First off, I love your theme, it’s so cute and it really symbolizes you! Anyway, you’re flier is awesome! I love what you did with the slanted lines on the page. The alignment is cool and the white space around the logo is perfect! I also really like the type you chose for the title! It all came together well and I think you did great!


  2. Alexander Grigg

    Hey Ashley. I’m not gonna lie, I ‘m kinda jealous of your design. I love how you slanted the title so it could catch the attention and engage the audience. Your alignment is really good so the message flows well. I do think that if you got rid of the three lines on the bottom of your title that the white space would look so trapped in that section (but what do I know, I’m just a student.) Anyway, here is a link to my poster. Enjoy!


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