P3 Activity: Photography

AshleyOlsen-Light1Light 1: Outside

AshleyOlsen-Light2.jpgLight 2: Inside

AshleyOlsen-Focus1Focus 1: Foreground

AshleyOlsen-Focus2Focus 2: Background

AshleyOlsen-Composition1.jpgComposition 1: Thirds

AshleyOlsen-Composition2Composition 2: Lead Room

For my first picture I wanted to make sure the focus was on the sky so I used some trees to frame in the sky. I used the manual setting on my camera to make the trees dark so that the sky really stood out. I brighten the sky a little but the picture didn’t need very many edits.For my inside picture, I used my kitchen window as the light and my kitchen table as the background. I used photoshop to soften the colors to make the book stand out and the background be lighter. My focus pictures taken of the same branch of flowers, I just put the flowers in focus in the first picture and then focused on the background on the second picture. The colors were already bright and beautiful so I didn’t edit them very much. For my rule of third picture, I used the manual setting on my phone and just focused on the flower and ring. I used the sun in the background to make a flare and I loved how it turned out. It definitely is my favorite picture I took. The last picture I took of my sister for some of her maternity pictures. I had her face me and then look at her bump and then I made sure there was distance between her and the rest of the picture.

I really enjoyed this project because it allowed me to learn how to use my camera a little better but it also allowed me to use the principles of design in a different way than I have already used. I really found it fun focusing on the subject of the picture while also being aware of the background and how it affects the whole picture. It this project really helped me better understand the design principles and how they work together. I think this project will be very beneficial in my career because it will allow me to take my own pictures and know how to edit them.


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