Project 7: Web Page


  1. Description: A webpage designed to showcase the logo that I personally designed and created.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I created this webpage by using the program TextWrangler. This program allowed me to code both HTLM and CSS, which I had never done before. TextWrangler allowed me to learn and understand how to code and it was interesting seeing how to make a webpage with the text editor program. I first started with the HTML side where I was able to learn how to learn how to substitute words into the document to make the webpage show my personal information. I was also able to see how each individual part worked and how it all came together to make the webpage. I then used an already set up CSS document and linked it to the HTML so that all the changes that I made on either document would change on both. This made it so my webpage would update to show the changes. In the CSS document, I changed the fonts and colors to make my logo and I was able to add a background of a couch and table since my logo is for a home decor company. I was able to match the colors up exactly with my logo by using the eyedropper tool in Photoshop. I was able to learn how to add padding, margins, and different sizing option to make my webpage complete. Programs used: TextWrangler, Photoshop and Illustrator.
  3. Message: At my company, you can buy modern and trendy home decor that you will be pleased with.
  4. Audience: Anyone who is looking to decorate their home with modern and trendy objects while keeping the colors and design simple and classy.
  5. Top Thing Learned: The top thing I learn was how to use html and css together to include the information while also styling it on a webpage to make it look complete and organized.
  6. Color scheme and color hex(s): Monochromatic – teal: #56adbd, grey: #6b6e75, white: #FFFFFF
  7. Title Font Families & Category: Tahoma, sans-serif
  8. Copy Font Families & Category: Tahoma, sans-serif
  9. Changes made to the CSS: I changed the font families and the font colors to match my design.
  10. Word Count: 549 words

2 thoughts on “Project 7: Web Page

  1. kelleyperkinson

    WOW!! This is absolutely incredible! I mean, I just lobe how pretty that teal color is and the picture behind is perfect! I also love how that corner around the logo is curved! It brings a nice look to the site and I just think it’s a pleasing look. I also love the soothing color scheme! Truly, it’s beautiful! Great job! Here’s a link to Coles!


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