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Hello! I’m Ashley Olsen and I am a senior at BYU-Idaho studying visual communications with a module in Public Relations. I am from Blackfoot, ID and I have been married for just over two years to my husband Trever.

When it comes to photography, I did yearbook in high school so I have had some experience but it’s been three years and I haven’t focused on photography as much as I’d like to. I used some skills in my COMM 111 class last fall and also in my COMM 130 class last semester so I’ve been able to learn more about photography, image editing and visual communication which has been great!


Taken at the BYU-Idaho gardens as part of a COMM 130 assignments. I adjusted my position so that I could focus on the flowers as well as the sunlight coming through the branches of the tree. Edit: I adjusted the brightness, contrast and saturation in Photoshop just a little bit to make the pink of the flowers and background stand out a little bit.
Taken around Jenny’s Lake in Jackson Hole. I went on a day trip there with my COMM 111 class and I loved how the green leaves and the white berries stood out against the brown background. Edits: Enhanced in iPhoto.
This was also taken at Jenny’s lake. I liked the colors in this picture and I especially loved how the brown really stood out against the green leaves. I also really loved how the light hits the plant at the tips to make them stand out from the rest of the picture.  Edits: Enhanced in iPhoto.
Taken in Teton National Park as part of the day trip in the COMM 111 class. I focused in on the tiny white flowers and adjusted my position to make sure they stood out from the off-white/yellow background. Edits: Enhanced in iPhoto
This is a detailed picture of one of the sides of the TA Moulton Barn that is located in Jackson Hole, on Mormon Row. I did a story on this barn for my COMM 111 project and I loved the different colors that the wood had in it. Edits: Enchanted in iPhoto.
My sister and brother-in-law let me practice some portrait pictures on them as part of their maternity pictures. This was taken by the Snake River in St. Anothony. Edits: I adjusted the brightness and contrast in Photoshop to help the colors stand out more.
This was taken at the Lower Mesa Falls. My husband and I went on a date with my best friend and her fiance. I played around with the location of the sun and was able to catch the sun just as it was coming between them. It was right before sunset so the sky was dark and the sun was a beautiful golden color. Edits: Enhanced in iPhoto



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