186th General Conference and Public Relations


Picture from The Newsroom. Link to the news release: http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/186th-semiannual-general-conference-under-way-salt-lake-city

This coming Saturday and Sunday, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints will gather together to listen to and attend the 186th General Conference in Salt Lake City. The church released important information on September 29 in a news release making people aware of the events that are happening those days. As the General Women’s Meeting was last Saturday, they are preparing for the afternoon sessions of both Saturday and Sunday, as well as the Priesthood Session that will be held on Saturday evening.

The Church Newsroom published the news release, which allowed members of the church to see the information and learn more about the session times, tickets and overflow areas. They also included information on broadcasting data as well as carpooling and using public transportation in order to help the traffic to be so congested.

The reason I decided to write on this article was because I not only found it important information to know but also because it deals a lot on public relations. It is a good example to showing a few different ways that they are involved in the event of General Conference. One of the most obvious aspects is they were most likely the ones who wrote and released the new release to the public. As we have talked many times in class, the public relations people are the ones who get the information out to the public. They are the ones that people can trust to include the correct information and give the correct times and places to go. They also help plan and organize the sessions, which helps them know the correct information. They may also be involved with the speakers and talks so that also allows them to be prepared with knowing what will be said and how to respond to that if needed.

As I have learned more about public relations from our book and in class, I have come to realize that public relations can be involved with most everything and organization because they have very specific roles that they do and others greatly depend on them to do those responsibilities and get them done.


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