Leaked Videos of LDS apostle meetings

On Sunday, the last day of General Conference, an anonymous source posted fifteen leaked videos on YouTube that included the senior apostles of the church in meetings and presentations. The video subjects ranged from religious, political and other topics that dated from 2007 to 2012. The videos were over seven and half hours long and while none of them included spiritual and sacred matters, there was still some speculation that these videos were secretive.

The church came out with a statement on Sunday, after the videos were released and explained what the videos were, that they were about and why they are so important. Eric Hawkins, the spokesman for the church said about the videos, “The purpose (of the videos) is to understand issues that may face the church and is in pursuit of the obligation church leaders feel to be informed on and have open discussion about current issues. This is an informational forum, not a decision-making body.”

I felt that the church handled the situation very well. I personally feel that whoever published the videos had it planned out well to release them the same day as General Conference because it already brought attention to that event and General Conference is a time where a lot of people, especially protestors, are very vocal about their feelings about the church. I felt that with releasing the videos, they wanted people to talk about it since our church is already so “secretive” with what goes on in the temple and meeting so I felt that this was a way for them to have people bring that up again and try to prove that we really are keeping secrets. I really love how the church came out and explained exactly what the videos were for and why they felt that they were important to talk about. Many of the issues were general concerns about the world and America so it was cool to see that they are meeting and discussing the things going on around us.

Articles: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865663842/LDS-Church-responds-to-leaked-videos-of-private-meetings-with-Mormon-apostles.html?pg=all



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