LaBron James calls out NBA

LaBron James called out the NBA on Twitter to ask them to fix the scoreboard portion of their GameTime App 2016-2017. He was tired of swiping back through all the scoreboard to keep track of everything so he asked them to fix it to make it easier to see and use.

The NBA twittered back less than 14 hours later saying that they would work on getting it updated and fixed right away. This got a lot of people mad because they had twittered about this issues and others issues days and weeks before but they didn’t get any response. Some were very surprised that LaBron reached out to them that way and others felt that it was a bold move for him to call them out. They have been getting a lot of backlash for their response and acknowledgement of LaBron but not to their other customers. Many people felt that since they weren’t a celebrity and part of the network, they didn’t matter and they weren’t important.



I have some mixed feelings about the way this all turned out and that is one of the reason I brought this up in class. I wanted to hear other people’s opinions since the one in the article were more against Labron and the NBA.

My thoughts when I first read about it were I felt that it wasn’t the best way to handle the situation since they just responded to Labron. I felt that if they were a great company and really cared about their app and users, they would make more of an effort to reach out to them as well and not need a celebrity to reach out to them because they commented. I felt that it wasn’t a good move on their part.

After our class discussion, I was able to better understand why the NBA responded in the way they did and to who they did because it it helped them draw more attention to them and to who plays their game. It really was a good marketing aspect for them because it showed that real basketball players use the app also. I still feel like it would have been better to respond to others before and after this situation, but I do feel that overall, it was a good decision.



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