Perspective 12

For this project, I decided to take pictures of the jewelry box that my grandfather made me in 2005. He made one for each of his daughters, daughter-in-laws and granddaughters and it is one of my most prized possession. My grandfather and I were really close and we had the same birthday so we has a special bond because of that. When I was born, he was in Sweden serving a mission with his wife so my mom took me there to visit them. My grandfather passed away in May so my jewelry box is a great reminder of him and I really enjoyed taking pictures of it because it allowed me to think back on the memories we had together. I will cherish these pictures forever.


Here are some of my collage pictures close up.


ashleyolsen1 ashleyolsen2 ashleyolsen3 ashleyolsen4

This picture didn’t make it into the collage because I felt that the lightening didn’t match up to the other pictures but I still really liked it.


This is the texture that I added to the inside of my box. I liked how it made it look like leather.



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