How Skittles Crafted the Perfect Response to Donald Trump Jr.

It’s no secret that this presidential race has been a crazy train ride. With the candidates saying and doing outrageous and unexpected things, it can almost be hard keeping track of who said what and who did what.

One of the most talked about and maybe even controversial topics of the race is the refugee situation. With so many terrorist attacks happen throughout the world; it is a tricky situation to be caught in. Donald Trump has said many foolish, and even more unforgettable things about the refuges. Donald Trumps son, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out the graphic saying:


Within minutes, people were going crazy referencing other things to Skittles as well as public relation personal and social media personal reaching out to Skittles to respond. The Skittles communication department responded with a tweet saying:


Many people were surprised and pleased with the way they responded. Not only was it a fast response but it was also a very short and sweet explanation. It allowed to say what they needed to say without making it a huge deal.

This is definitely a situation that I would not want to be caught in if I were the public relations specialist for Skittles. Public relations for politics can be nasty, especially with the presidential race so bringing brought into it would be hard and stressful. However, I think that the company did the right thing by responding quickly instead of waiting to see if it would die down or just ignoring it. I also think the response was great in the aspect that it made people aware that they were not interested in talking further about it. They also made sure that people understood that the analogy was inappropriate and not relevant which allowed them to take a stand without having to explain more in depth.



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