Tasteful Typography





ashleyolsen-door5-copy ashleyolsen-door12 ashleyolsen-door15 ashleyolsen-door19 ashleyolsen-door20 ashleyolsen-door23 ashleyolsen-door25

I decided to do doors as my theme because I loved how unique and fun they were. They were all very different so it was cool seeing the different designs, sizes and ways they were. However, I will admit that I wish I had done a different them because all of my pictures turned out similar. I did try to get different angles but a lot of them turned out the same. I did have a fun time editing them because it really helped me learn new ways and techniques to use that I don’t always use.

I wanted my first picture to really introduce my theme so I couldn’t have made it any simpler then putting the word “doors” on the door. I wanted to make it look like the font was older so I turned down the opacity to 12% and I really like how it turned out. I feel that it makes a statement without taking away from the picture

Font: Phosephate Solid – sans serif

For the next picture, I really liked how the door was all wood and the wood was very old so I brought in an oldstyle font to make it go with the picture better. I really like how it bring in the older look to the picture. I decided to do the definition because I felt that it brought more of the timeless look to it.

Font: Athelas Regular – oldstyle

My last picture I needed to had a paragraph so I wanted to use a quote for that. I found that quote on Pinterest and I really liked it because it’s really relatable. I love how it talked about prying the door open so I included it on one of my pictures where the door was partly opened.

Font: Lemon/Milk Regular – sans-serif


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