Top 5

Here are my top 5 pictures from this semester.

ashleyolsen-smirkingcowboy ashleyolsen-cowboyjake


I have posted two pictures of the necklace in the jewelry box because it’s one of my favorite pictures and I think printing it black and white would make it more timeless but I can’t decided if I like it better in color or black & white.

ashleyolsen ashleyolsen-bwashleyolsen-duck



One thought on “Top 5

  1. jordanchristensen77

    Hey Ashley. Love the photos seriously so great. I especially love the portraits very well lit and the necklace photo turned out really great. I like how its placement in the photo and it’s focus is in a fun spot. I think personally your first photo is my favorite. There’s so many reasons I like it. Is eyes are the main focus while one eye is a bit dark you could say that was intentional showing theres two sides to him but it’s very well composed and the lighting and focus is fantastic. I can’t see anything that needs to be changed. Great work.


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