Best Seller

Stock Photography is definitely something that I have had a blast learning and it’s so fun seeing the progress that I have made. I’ve been trying to upload more and more pictures so that has really helped me get the process started and running. I have really enjoyed learning about setting up shots, how to edit them and then how to submit them to the agencies. I was able to sell two pictures which has been exciting. It’s been a great start and I am excited to jump more into stock photography and learn more about it.

This was the first picture I sold. I was really pumped when I sold it because I spent the most time editing this picture and getting it ready stock. As you can see below, it’s actually a combination of two pictures. I was able to mask them together so that the letter in the background were blurry and the letters in the lenses are in focus. I also sharpened the picture a little bit and made the backgrounds completely white.

I sold this picture three days after I submitted it so that was exciting. I really didn’t make a ton of edits to it. The healing spot brush was used to remove the numbers from the tag and then I sharpen the picture and adjusted the curves a little bit to make the coloring a little richer and to help the cow stand out a little bit more.


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