How Skittles Crafted the Perfect Response to Donald Trump Jr.

It’s no secret that this presidential race has been a crazy train ride. With the candidates saying and doing outrageous and unexpected things, it can almost be hard keeping track of who said what and who did what.

One of the most talked about and maybe even controversial topics of the race is the refugee situation. With so many terrorist attacks happen throughout the world; it is a tricky situation to be caught in. Donald Trump has said many foolish, and even more unforgettable things about the refuges. Donald Trumps son, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out the graphic saying:


Within minutes, people were going crazy referencing other things to Skittles as well as public relation personal and social media personal reaching out to Skittles to respond. The Skittles communication department responded with a tweet saying:


Many people were surprised and pleased with the way they responded. Not only was it a fast response but it was also a very short and sweet explanation. It allowed to say what they needed to say without making it a huge deal.

This is definitely a situation that I would not want to be caught in if I were the public relations specialist for Skittles. Public relations for politics can be nasty, especially with the presidential race so bringing brought into it would be hard and stressful. However, I think that the company did the right thing by responding quickly instead of waiting to see if it would die down or just ignoring it. I also think the response was great in the aspect that it made people aware that they were not interested in talking further about it. They also made sure that people understood that the analogy was inappropriate and not relevant which allowed them to take a stand without having to explain more in depth.



“It’s Meats Season”

Arby’s is doing a “fast-food first” and will be selling deer meat sandwiches in 17 locations which will be in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Georgia. They chose these states since they are the prime locations for hunting. With their slogan for the new sandwich being “It’s Meats Season,” they are focusing their campaign on hunters and what would appeal to them.

The sandwich will feature a think-cut venison steak with crispy onions and berry sauce on top. The sandwiches will be available starting October 31 in Nashville, Tennessee.


In a statement by the CMO, Rob Lynch, he said, “Hunters hunt the meats, and we have the meats, so that makes sense for us to connect with them and offer a sandwich that they can’t get at any other restaurant chain.” The company did say that the meat will be from farmed deer that were feed on fresh grass, instead of hunted deer.

I think this is a very interesting approach on Arby’s part. It is definitely a new approach to fast food sandwiches and I am I curious to see how it turns out for them. Since it is only in 17 locations, it’s hard to know if it will be a good move on their part so I am interested to see if they will do this ever year during hunting season and make it more available each year. I do feel that this is a good step in the right direction for Arby’s because they are trying to do something new and different and they are working on getting a particular audience involved. Since it is a limited audience, I think it may take some time for Arby’s to get the sandwich popular but with the right marketing and campaign, it could definitely be a good decision.

U.S. Confirms 11th Death Linked to Faulty Takata Airbag Inflator

Takata air bags have the tendency of inflating with too much force, and because of that, they have caused up to 16 deaths around the world. This is obviously a very serious issue because when the airbag explodes, it causes metal and shrapnel to discharge within the vehicle. The latest victim was a 50 year-old lady from California who died from the injuries that she received from her air bag when she hit a truck head on. The car company’s that uses these airbags are Honda and Acuras and because of these airbags, they are currently involved in one of the largest auto recalls in U.S history.

The car that was involved in the accident that took place last month was a Honda Civic and the company said that they had mailed more than 20 recalls letting the owners know of the risk, but the car was never taken in to be fixed. A spokesperson for Honda also mentioned that “multiple” notices were sent to the victim but they don’t know if she ever received them. She bought the car in 2015 and the recall is for most Honda’s and Acura’s from the last 16 years. When the company did find out about her death they did released a statement saying, “Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with the family of the driver during this difficult time.

The reason I decided to write on this article is mostly because I love Honda’s and I was interested in knowing what car’s were affected by this because my whole family drives Honda’s and my dad does drive a Civic. I found the way the company handled the problem very good. I appreciate that they sent a statement to the family who lost their loved one. It really does show that the company cares. I did also like that the company sent out at least 20 noticed to the owners, letting them know of the fix that needed to be made to ensure the safety of their car. I felt that it was a very necessary but noteworthy approach to addressing the problem.

LaBron James calls out NBA

LaBron James called out the NBA on Twitter to ask them to fix the scoreboard portion of their GameTime App 2016-2017. He was tired of swiping back through all the scoreboard to keep track of everything so he asked them to fix it to make it easier to see and use.

The NBA twittered back less than 14 hours later saying that they would work on getting it updated and fixed right away. This got a lot of people mad because they had twittered about this issues and others issues days and weeks before but they didn’t get any response. Some were very surprised that LaBron reached out to them that way and others felt that it was a bold move for him to call them out. They have been getting a lot of backlash for their response and acknowledgement of LaBron but not to their other customers. Many people felt that since they weren’t a celebrity and part of the network, they didn’t matter and they weren’t important.



I have some mixed feelings about the way this all turned out and that is one of the reason I brought this up in class. I wanted to hear other people’s opinions since the one in the article were more against Labron and the NBA.

My thoughts when I first read about it were I felt that it wasn’t the best way to handle the situation since they just responded to Labron. I felt that if they were a great company and really cared about their app and users, they would make more of an effort to reach out to them as well and not need a celebrity to reach out to them because they commented. I felt that it wasn’t a good move on their part.

After our class discussion, I was able to better understand why the NBA responded in the way they did and to who they did because it it helped them draw more attention to them and to who plays their game. It really was a good marketing aspect for them because it showed that real basketball players use the app also. I still feel like it would have been better to respond to others before and after this situation, but I do feel that overall, it was a good decision.


Leaked Videos of LDS apostle meetings

On Sunday, the last day of General Conference, an anonymous source posted fifteen leaked videos on YouTube that included the senior apostles of the church in meetings and presentations. The video subjects ranged from religious, political and other topics that dated from 2007 to 2012. The videos were over seven and half hours long and while none of them included spiritual and sacred matters, there was still some speculation that these videos were secretive.

The church came out with a statement on Sunday, after the videos were released and explained what the videos were, that they were about and why they are so important. Eric Hawkins, the spokesman for the church said about the videos, “The purpose (of the videos) is to understand issues that may face the church and is in pursuit of the obligation church leaders feel to be informed on and have open discussion about current issues. This is an informational forum, not a decision-making body.”

I felt that the church handled the situation very well. I personally feel that whoever published the videos had it planned out well to release them the same day as General Conference because it already brought attention to that event and General Conference is a time where a lot of people, especially protestors, are very vocal about their feelings about the church. I felt that with releasing the videos, they wanted people to talk about it since our church is already so “secretive” with what goes on in the temple and meeting so I felt that this was a way for them to have people bring that up again and try to prove that we really are keeping secrets. I really love how the church came out and explained exactly what the videos were for and why they felt that they were important to talk about. Many of the issues were general concerns about the world and America so it was cool to see that they are meeting and discussing the things going on around us.


186th General Conference and Public Relations


Picture from The Newsroom. Link to the news release:

This coming Saturday and Sunday, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints will gather together to listen to and attend the 186th General Conference in Salt Lake City. The church released important information on September 29 in a news release making people aware of the events that are happening those days. As the General Women’s Meeting was last Saturday, they are preparing for the afternoon sessions of both Saturday and Sunday, as well as the Priesthood Session that will be held on Saturday evening.

The Church Newsroom published the news release, which allowed members of the church to see the information and learn more about the session times, tickets and overflow areas. They also included information on broadcasting data as well as carpooling and using public transportation in order to help the traffic to be so congested.

The reason I decided to write on this article was because I not only found it important information to know but also because it deals a lot on public relations. It is a good example to showing a few different ways that they are involved in the event of General Conference. One of the most obvious aspects is they were most likely the ones who wrote and released the new release to the public. As we have talked many times in class, the public relations people are the ones who get the information out to the public. They are the ones that people can trust to include the correct information and give the correct times and places to go. They also help plan and organize the sessions, which helps them know the correct information. They may also be involved with the speakers and talks so that also allows them to be prepared with knowing what will be said and how to respond to that if needed.

As I have learned more about public relations from our book and in class, I have come to realize that public relations can be involved with most everything and organization because they have very specific roles that they do and others greatly depend on them to do those responsibilities and get them done.

Blog Post #1

I have decided to focus my blog posts on the way that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints responds to situations and criticisms. The church has dealt with a lot of problems since that Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage in the United States. One of the biggest issues that have been associated with the church, in a way, is the report of deaths in the LGBT Mormon community. According to an article by Deseret News on January 18, 2016, it was said that 32 families have contacted others about the death in their family because of the changes that the church made in their handbook regarding same-sex marriages and relationships. With these new policies, it mentioned that these actions would lead to excommunication and that children involved in these family situations will not be allowed to be baptized until they are eighteen. This caused many issues not only in the church but also in many other religious and established communities. Because it involved the LGBT community directly, many LGBT individuals chose to end their lives.

The church not only put out statements about this but also made sure that they communities, especially the families and friends, knew that they were mourning the loss of these Children of God. In their statement, the church emphasized that there is still hope, even when it seems that there isn’t. They also clarified that they, as a church, do not reject these individuals but that they love them and want them to serve in the church, as long as they keep the commandments and live their lives in accordance with the gospel.

I found the way that the church handled this issue very comforting, as well as informative. One of the biggest stereotypes of the gospel is that we hate these individuals and that they don’t belong in the church but in reality, this is the best place for them to be and be involved with. The church made sure that they stressed the importance of loving these individuals and allowing them to be part of the church. We need to be accepting of everyone, no matter if we agree with his or her lifestyle. We are all children of God and we all need each other’s help to make it back to him.

Link to article: