There were four things that I learned from Brother Williams. The first one was to become informed. It’s very important to know what is going on around the world, especially when it comes to journalism. The second thing I learned was to stop and think about the new ways about my college career. I really liked the quote “Your career doesn’t change when you graduate, it starts now.” This really made me stop and think about my path and what I could do to help me become a better student and learner. Third, start blogging. This is something that will be very important in the communication field. Last, he mentioned to consider journalism.


Scroll/Soapbox/I COMM 

I learned a lot about the different ways to be involved and gain experience by joining either the Scroll, Soapbox or I COMM; or even all three. I learned that you can use them for the Practicum credits. I also learned that gaining experience while in college is something that will be very beneficial to me. Being involved with any of these three classes would give me great experience. Other great ways to get experience are internship and volunteer work. I really liked the quote “The difference between you and someone in Hollywood is they did something about it!” I need to take control of my education and do all I can to gain experience.


Video Production and Broadcast Journalism   

I was able to learn a few things about these topics. The thing that I found the most interesting was how important it is to know your audience (population). If you don’t know who you are making your material for then you aren’t able to make affective videos. I also learned that these involve lots of pressure, deadlines and you can also be live on video. This was good information to know and understand. They mentioned that you treat video production and broadcast degrees like grad school. It’s a lot of work but it will be worth it!


Visual Communication 

There are five different areas that this emphasis is focused on: digital imaging, video production, graphic design, web design and social media marketing. It was nice to learn more about each part of the emphasis since this is the one I am doing. I was also able to learn about the photographic society and I am excited to be part of that! I enjoyed learning more about the classes that I need to take. This was definitely the class I leaned the most in.


Public Relations 

I was able to learn more about that the difference between public relations and advertising so it definitely helped me realize which one I was more interested in. Public relations is a planned process to influence public opinion. I really liked the comparison between public relations and a stethoscope where for both you have to listen very carefully.  I was also able to learn that there are two places that you can work public relations. In house which means in companies and hospitals. And then in Agencies. This is where you work for companies with multiple clients. It’s important to be honest, open and real! “You can’t pour  perfume on a skunk – If you work for a company that stinks, you won’t get them to smell better.” Work for good companies!


Organizational Advocacy Communications 

This emphasis was really interesting to learn about. I love how it brings together the differences in multiple problems. It helps find common ground better parties. I found it cool that with the top ten skills that employers want, eight of them go with advocacy emphasis. It’s definitely shows how important this is in companies.



This is definitely the emphasis that I thought I was the least interested in but now I am wondering if I should look more into it. I loved learning about the different ways that advertising is used. I thought it was interesting that you only have five seconds to catch the audiences attention. It’s so true that advertising is everyone. You can’t get on social media or watch the news without seeing at least one advertisement. There are also a lot of difference places that you can work when you have advertising experience.


Grad Plans

It was nice to learn more about the Grad Plans and why we use them. I really enjoyed listening to people’s questions. I didn’t realize how complex the system was and it’s nice to be able to understand it better. It was really helpful