Depth of Field Tutorial

What is depth of field?

Depth of field is a way to take pictures. It has to do with the distance of the nearest and furthest objects in the picture. For my tutorial I focused on deep depth of field and shallow depth of field. This is very relevant because it is helpful to know when you take pictures. It also helps you understand your camera settings better and understand how the ISO, aperture and shutter speed works.

Deep depth of field is where all of the subjects in the picture are in focus. If you look at the examples below, you will notice that each object in the picture is is focus.


Taken on October 4 at Nature Park


Taken on October 2 at University Gateway Apartments


Taken November 29 at Porter Park


Shallow depth of field is where only one subject is in focus and the background is blurry. The pictures below are an example of this.


Taken September 28 outside the Spori Building


Taken on October 4 at Nature Park


Taken on November 29 at Porter Park

My inspiration came from our class assignment that we did at the beginning of the semester. I loved learning about depth of field but I did struggle with completely understanding how to work my camera settings so I wanted to work with it more and learn more about it.

I also used SLR Lounge ( and Exposure Guide ( for more inspiration and information.




Fine Art Print

Here is my fine art print picture. I love how it turned out!





I took this picture in class during our macro week. I chose this image because it is my favorite one that I took this semester. I love the contrast between the flower and the background and well as the water drops being in focus. I was excited that it ended up on the rule of thirds because it makes it more appealing. When it came time to edit, I first adjusted the brightness and contrast to make it brighter. This allowed the flower petal to stand out more and allowed there to be more contrast. I then used the healing brush tool to get right of bright dots that were in the background and on the petal. This really helped my image because it helped get rid of the brightest spots that took away from the image. The last edit I did was sharpen the whole image. This allowed it to be sharpen (obviously) as well as more clear and stunning. I then sized it to 24 x 16 and took it to get printed.

Bannack Extras

As I put together my photo book, I realized there are a lot more pictures that I wanted to include on my blog so that they matched up. It was fun going through the Bannack pictures again and here are some of my favorites and the ones I included in my photo book.




ashleyolsen-branch ashleyolsen-cobweb


img_7009 img_7106


ashleyolsen-nail ashleyolsen-wood




Top 5

Here are my top 5 pictures from this semester.

ashleyolsen-smirkingcowboy ashleyolsen-cowboyjake


I have posted two pictures of the necklace in the jewelry box because it’s one of my favorite pictures and I think printing it black and white would make it more timeless but I can’t decided if I like it better in color or black & white.

ashleyolsen ashleyolsen-bwashleyolsen-duck


PhotoBook: Covers, First Spread, TOC and Professional Page

For this assignment, I developed a theme that will carry through my photobook. I decided and white and black because it makes it look more sleek and professional. I also feel that it brings in a more simple look. I first started by designing my covers. I decided to keep them the same design to bring more of the simplicity to the book. I then designed the table of contents and added the page numbers and topics on it that will go in later when I finish the rest of my book. I then made my professional page with information about me, as well as my contact information and my blog. Lastly, I made my first spread. I decided to do my first spread as portraits because they were one of my favorite assignments and I loved how they turned out.






Table of Contents


First Spread


Professional Page

Tasteful Typography





ashleyolsen-door5-copy ashleyolsen-door12 ashleyolsen-door15 ashleyolsen-door19 ashleyolsen-door20 ashleyolsen-door23 ashleyolsen-door25

I decided to do doors as my theme because I loved how unique and fun they were. They were all very different so it was cool seeing the different designs, sizes and ways they were. However, I will admit that I wish I had done a different them because all of my pictures turned out similar. I did try to get different angles but a lot of them turned out the same. I did have a fun time editing them because it really helped me learn new ways and techniques to use that I don’t always use.

I wanted my first picture to really introduce my theme so I couldn’t have made it any simpler then putting the word “doors” on the door. I wanted to make it look like the font was older so I turned down the opacity to 12% and I really like how it turned out. I feel that it makes a statement without taking away from the picture

Font: Phosephate Solid – sans serif

For the next picture, I really liked how the door was all wood and the wood was very old so I brought in an oldstyle font to make it go with the picture better. I really like how it bring in the older look to the picture. I decided to do the definition because I felt that it brought more of the timeless look to it.

Font: Athelas Regular – oldstyle

My last picture I needed to had a paragraph so I wanted to use a quote for that. I found that quote on Pinterest and I really liked it because it’s really relatable. I love how it talked about prying the door open so I included it on one of my pictures where the door was partly opened.

Font: Lemon/Milk Regular – sans-serif

How Skittles Crafted the Perfect Response to Donald Trump Jr.

It’s no secret that this presidential race has been a crazy train ride. With the candidates saying and doing outrageous and unexpected things, it can almost be hard keeping track of who said what and who did what.

One of the most talked about and maybe even controversial topics of the race is the refugee situation. With so many terrorist attacks happen throughout the world; it is a tricky situation to be caught in. Donald Trump has said many foolish, and even more unforgettable things about the refuges. Donald Trumps son, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out the graphic saying:


Within minutes, people were going crazy referencing other things to Skittles as well as public relation personal and social media personal reaching out to Skittles to respond. The Skittles communication department responded with a tweet saying:


Many people were surprised and pleased with the way they responded. Not only was it a fast response but it was also a very short and sweet explanation. It allowed to say what they needed to say without making it a huge deal.

This is definitely a situation that I would not want to be caught in if I were the public relations specialist for Skittles. Public relations for politics can be nasty, especially with the presidential race so bringing brought into it would be hard and stressful. However, I think that the company did the right thing by responding quickly instead of waiting to see if it would die down or just ignoring it. I also think the response was great in the aspect that it made people aware that they were not interested in talking further about it. They also made sure that people understood that the analogy was inappropriate and not relevant which allowed them to take a stand without having to explain more in depth.